Great Ideas for Walks

Walking is good for you; you should have no trouble understanding why. Not only will you approve your health and general well being, but you can also improve your memory and your ability to focus as well. There are some great ways that you can go walking without really realizing that you are exercising.

Try to experiment with different types and styles of walks, different times, different locations and different purposes in order to best benefit from your walks. Here are some great ideas for walks that you can go on.

* Take a walk in nature. You can improve your attention and memory when you walk in nature rather than through an urban area. Rather than walking a couple of blocks, walk a mile along a trail surrounded by trees and water instead.

* Connect with your senses while you walk. Take frequent breaks for yoga, tai chi or a similar practice to combine a brisk walk with chances to truly connect with your senses and you will improve brain power, flexibility and general health.

* Add in brief sprints to your walk. When you add in 2-3 minute sprints, you will improve endurance and metabolism while you walk. Interval training alternating between walking and running can have a profoundly positive impact on your health.

* Lift weights while you walk. This way, not only will you be improving your endurance and your physical fitness, but you will also be building strength at the same time. The more muscles that you have, the more calories you are going to burn in turn. This means that strength training can have a profoundly positive impact on your walking fitness as well.

Try experimenting with different types of walks and different walking exercises to find out what best works for you. When you find a walk that suits you, stick to it and you will surely reap numerous benefits to your health and well being.

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