Interval Training for Walking

Nothing is capable of cranking up the potential of your walk like interval training can. Interval training means incorporating shorter bursts of harder-effort workouts into your typical workout. For example, you might walk at a moderate pace, and then occasionally break into a sprint. Not only does this challenge your body, but it breaks up the monotony associated with a typical walk through the park and keeps you on your toes–literally. There are different types of interval training that you can employ, and here are some ideas.

* Power Surge: Do not sprint, but simply surge in speed instead. Aim to go one notch above your typical comfort zone. You should still be able to talk, but you should also be able to feel your breathing when you pick speed up in this manner.

* Pyramid: This is a gradual increase in the amount of effort that you put forth. You should begin at an easy pace, then finish at your top speed, then climb back down the pyramid to return to your normal easy pace again.

* Speed Blast: Here you should have a quick burst of harder walking. With the speed blast you should be breathing hard enough that carrying on a conversation would be difficult.

Ultimately it is up to you which type of interval training you participate in, as long as you use one of these or a similar method to break up your workout with alternating between fast and slow. This will keep your heart beat going, will have you focusing hard on your workout, and will make things more fun, exciting and challenging in addition to working your body harder and lending you additional health benefits along the way. A little bit of interval training can really go a long way in maximizing the health benefits that you experience while making your workout fun, challenging and enjoyable.

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