Not Keen On Joining Gym? Why Not Set Up One In Your Own House?

There are many persons who are not comfortable joining a gym for their health and fitness workout. Others feel that it is very expensive proposition where one has to pay for services that one never intends to use. If you just want a cardio work out on a daily basis, what is the point of joining a gym that offers a spa, fruit juice bar and massage facility?

If you do not intend to

  • take a bath at the gym
  • eat anything at the gym or
  • strip your clothes and stand in a steam room,

why should you pay for the same?

In such a scenario, you can allocate the membership fees that you pay to the gym and use the money better to design an exercise spot at home. You can take advantage of all your past experiences with gyms to redesign your space properly.

For starters, there should be a sense of lot of space in your exercise area. If you are allocating a small corner of a room as exercise space, make sure you install mirrors on the walls to heighten the sense of spaciousness.

Another advantage of using mirrors is that you can see yourself exercising. This is always a good thing. You should also try to create a different and distinctive feel in the exercise area. If the area has the same color as that of your master bedroom, chances are high that you will always feel like relaxing instead of exercising. Use bright colors, be innovative and make use of cartoons and posters of hunks to motivate yourself.

Try to make use of open space in the best manner possible. If you have a window in the space, try to keep it open at all times and make sure there is adequate light in your exercise area at all times.

You need not complete all these tasks in a single stretch. Rather, you can take your time and do it in an incremental banner to ensure you do not spend too much very quickly.

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