Salad For Breakfast – How To Avoid Monotonous Veggies Every Morning?

It is important to understand your psychology and thought process when planning your dietary regimen. We all want to eat healthy. However, we find it too boring and tasteless. We may be very adjusting and accommodating as far as dietary changes are concerned. Even then, we find it very difficult to tolerate vegetables in salads on a daily basis.

Once you skip breakfast, you are going to feel hunger pangs before lunch hour arrives. That is when you will go in for a doughnut or junk food to fill your stomach. Once you consume junk food, you automatically feel that your diet has ended and you restart your old and healthy food habits.

So, how to overcome this problem? Well, why don’t you introduce variety in your salads? Have plain vegetables for two days and then move on to exotic vegetables. Opt for a bit of white sauce and cheese and try to convert it into a continental salad. If you are bored of eating fresh veggies, why don’t you prepare it at night and leave it in the fridge for a cold salad in the morning? Why not whip up a spicy tomato sauce to be consumed along with the salad?

If you are bored with vegetables in the morning, why not fruits? You can divide your 3 salads for 2 days each. The 7th day can be a traditional pancakes on the weekend. This will help you feel fresh and will encourage you to restart the salad diet again when the week begins.

Rather than trying to stuff tasteless food into your mouth, you should try to convert it into a tasty dish. How about olive oil? If nothing works, there is no harm in skipping the nutritious salad and going in for a slightly unhealthy option as long as you feel better. Make sure you do not make it a habit.

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